Shawna Fox's decision to stay in Saint Cloud isn't just about finding her self-worth at the Bar-X ranch.

According to her twin, it might also have something to do with her growing affection for Tim Norton, the small town's rising country music star.
Shawna, usually quite talkative, finds herself tongue-tied whenever Tim is around.

As Tim's career begins to take off, a seductive record executive sets her sights on him, threatening to cloud their budding romance, Shawna must learn to overcome her insecurities and find her voice, both for herself and for their relationship.

Set against the backdrop of Saint Cloud's tight-knit community and the enchanting Bar-X ranch, "Cloudy with a Chance of Harmony" is a heartwarming tale of chasing dreams, finding love, and staying true to oneself despite the allure of fame.

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