September 2nd – English

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Are the kids back in school yet? You couldn't wait, right? That doesn't make you a bad parents … nope, no guilty conscience here.

Anyway, since now you have some of your life back (unless you're home schooling and then I'm in awe of you, seriously, I am!) I teamed up with a bunch of other sweet romance authors to do what we call a “cross promotion.”

See, I have a theory about that: sharing my readers with other authors is not shooting myself in the foot. Why? Because no matter how fast I write, I can never write fast enough to keep you busy reading all the time. So, I'm happy to introduce you to fellow authors to keep you away from the true competition which is Netflix and all the other TV channels you can get lost into.

This is why today, I invite you click on this image to go visit a page we've prepared just for you with only clean and wholesome romance.

I hope you find something to make you happy in the list.

In the meantime I'll go back to finishing the next book in the Sweet Moutain, Montana series so I can upload it to all stores and leave for my well earned “workation” in Florida.

On the 16th I'll be in Saint Pete for NINC (that's Novelist incoporated) where I will hang out with many other readers.

Be good but don't forget to have fun!

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