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He's got more than one kind of scar ...

and she may be the only person who can heal him.

Nelson Pratt isn't sorry he saved Weston Green's life while they were both enlisted. He'd do it again, no matter how much it's cost him.
Now that he's back home, he can't help seeing Sophia, his best friend's sister. They would have been high school sweethearts except for the "bro code." She's being nice to him, but Nelson doesn't want her pity. He's no charity case.

Sophia Green isn't about to let Nelson slip away again. They're right for each other, and always have been.
In her eyes, his injury doesn't make him any less of a man. She'll do anything to prove it -- including help him fight to adopt Star, the canine partner who saved his life and is now in dire need of a new home.

Can Sophia break through Nelson's shell and convince him to reach for what he's always wanted?

Welcome to the small town of Elm Ridge, Kentucky, where you’ll swoon, smile, and fall helplessly in love with the Green family. This heartwarming romance has no cliffhangers and no cheating.


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